August 17th

Mr. Smalls Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA
$20 / Doors 7PM / Show 8PM

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One night only!

Frostapalooza is a giant one-night-only benefit concert-slash-party-slash-happening featuring an amorphous super group of talented musicians from bands like:

  • Love Jerks
  • Scissors For Lefty
  • Elby Brass
  • Bethan
  • 123 Astronaut
  • Orbit
  • Vacances
  • Her Ladyship
  • Salter Cane
  • The Eskalators
  • Bodies of Water
  • Frost Frost
  • Dangus Kahn and the Tornadoes
  • Glass House
  • and many more!

The full lineup:

  • Ian Frost
  • Melissa Frost
  • Aaron Spring
  • Will Schneider
  • Taylor Vactor
  • Seth Casana
  • Jessi Hall
  • Daniel Hall
  • Rebecca Garza-Bortman
  • Bryan Garza
  • Adam Dunki-Jacobs
  • Andrew Sloan
  • Berry Breene
  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • Chris Coyier
  • Danny Lannon
  • Eric Williams
  • Jeff Robbins
  • Josh Sager
  • Kevin Coyle
  • Joe Senita
  • George Senita
  • Wenjay Ying
  • Mark Willis
  • Jessie Rupert
  • Dave Rupert
  • Tobi Lessnow
  • Gwenn Gate
  • Terra Ferderber
  • Matt D Smith
  • Adam Argyle
  • Ben Callahan
  • Jessica Spangler
  • Marc Thiele
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Elby Brass on horns
  • Brad Frost

Two Great Causes

100% of the concert proceeds will go to two important causes:

Project Healthy Minds is a non-profit working to confront the world's mental health crisis by getting people access to mental health resources, destigmatizing mental health, and advocating for mental health policy reform.

NextStep Pittsburgh is a spinal injury rehabilitation center opening in Pittsburgh. Claire Senita has been tirelessly working to help people suffering spinal cord injuries, and this event will support her mission of opening the rehabilitation center.

Join us for a celebration of life,friendship, family, music, creativity, expression, and fun. Wear yer dancing shoes.

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